Dr. Stefan Kofner is a professor for housing and real estate management at the Zittau Görlitz University since 1997. His work focuses on housing policy, private large-scale landlords, real estate financing and investments. He has recently finished a federal research project on the role of publicly listed housing corporations at the German housing market.


Professor Kofner was among others a research associate at the Institute for Economic

Research Halle as well as at the universities of Leipzig and Cologne. He worked on projects for municipal housing companies, the Saxon State Ministry of the Interior, the Landtag of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Federal Office for Building, Urban and Regional Research and the OECD. Prof. Kofner has also participated in hearings of the German Bundestag, the Saxon Landtag and the city council Dresden. Apart from that he has served as a board member in the municipal housing sector.


Stefan Kofner is the author of numerous national and international publications, including the textbook "Investitionsrechnung für Immobilien" . (Investment calculation for real estate), published in the 4th edition.


title: Housing as a commodity? Operative behavior of German publicly listed housing organizations. Presenter: Prof. Dr. Stefan Kofner, MCIH Tirana, 05. September, 2017

Prof. Dr. Stefan Kofner, MCIH

Faculty of Economics and Industrial Engineering; University of Applied Sciences Zittau / Görlitz; Germany.